Waist Trainers

Beginner/everyday Trainers

If you have never waist train before,it is better to start with a less aggressive trainer.You need to take time to get used to breathing properly and be comfortable wearing a waist trainer during your day to day activities.And people with latex allergy are also recommended to use our pre-trainers.It will give you a instant tightening and posture improvement.Please note that zip-up trainers run larger please choose according to size chart with your meansurements.

Latex Waist Trainers

A latex waist trainer can reduce waist line by up to 5 inches.The trainer comes up under your bust to boost your breasts.Give you an hourglass shape that you may otherwise not have.An instant slimmer and better figure you!

fashionable leopard latex trainers

Latex Trainers with leopard prints,stay fashion and chic while training.Work the same as normal latex trainers.An instant slimmer and hourglass shape you.

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