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What is waist training?

How does waist training work?

I’m a beginner. How do I know how long I should keep my waist trainer on for?

When can I expect to see results?

Can I wear the waist trainers/corsets under clothing for a fancy night out?

Can I wear my waist trainer or corset while working out?

How can I care for my waist trainer or other garments?

Are the results only temporary? What happens when I decide to stop waist training – will my body just go back to the way it was?

Does waist training hurt?

Is there any reason I should avoid waist training?

I have back/spinal problems. Can I still waist train?

What are the side effects of waist training?

I heard that women suffered from deformed organs, rib damage, and fainting spells due to corsets. Will this happen to me?

Is wearing a waist trainer or corset similar to a lap band?


I need more control,should I go down a size?

How do I know which size to buy?

What size should I select if I plan on losing weight?

What are my measurements?

I'm in between sizes,what should I do?

Which products have plus sizes?

What if my size isn't available?

Is this safe?


How do I place an order online?

I am having problems with checkout.What can I do?

I received a confirmation email.What is it?

How do packages appear when shipped?

I would like to cancel my order.What can I do?

Part of my order is backordered.Will you ship what you have or will I have to wait for the entire order to be available?

Can I make a change to a backordered item in my order?

How can I pay for my orders?

Do you store credit card information on file?

How soon will my order be shipped?

I ordered on a weekend and/or holiday.When will my order be processed?


How long dos it take to receive my order?

My package is showing as delivered,but I did not receive it.What should I do?