Waist Training: How long does it take to get result?

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Waist training might be hot in the online world, but many people are not very educated on the trend. The most frequent question we get asked is, “how long will it take for me to see some results?”What I always say in response to this question is that it always depends on you. The fact of the matter is that if you do everything ideally, then it should take less than 4 weeks for you to lose 2 - 4 inches off your waist. When it comes to achieving any goal in life, one needs to strive for it and put some effort towards achieving that goal. A waist trainer is a supplement. By itself it will not work, but if you include waist training with other activities such as exercising and dieting, the results will be amazing. Some other determinants would be your metabolism, genetic make-up and your current body status. These however do not play a major role in the results of waist training. Your actions and decisions play the biggest role in the results you are trying to get.Below I have broken down four of the main factors that determine your waist training results.

Your Lifestyle

Let’s keep it plain and simple. You cannot expect long term results if you are a couch potato who consumes snacks quicker than the cookie monster. If that is you, your lifestyle needs to change. A girdle works best if it supplements your daily fitness routine and healthy diet. It basically rumps up perspiration by storing heat around your waist area. Being active prolongs this process and makes it even more resourceful. On the bright side of things, wearing shapewear in itself will force you to change your lifestyle to complement your fitness goals. It reduces the amount of food you take make you have to choose wisely on what to eat. Also, having a waist trainer dramatically motivates you. Seeing yourself in the mirror with an instant loss of 4 inches off your waist will make you crave that. It will make you want to maintain that and do whatever is needed to achieve that goal. Another thing is that it improves your posture to the extent that you will change how you do certain things.


You need to set goals. You need to plan ahead of time and know what you are getting yourself into. If you buy a waist trainer and use it once a week, then you might not getting result out of it. It’s like hiring a personal trainer and not showing up to the sessions. Your commitment to waist training determines your results. I would recommend putting your waist trainer next to your makeup kit or next to your underwear section. Also, make a habit of wearing your waist trainer every time you are about to go to the gym or do an exercise. That way every time you think gym you think of your waist trainer.

Good Diet

They say you are what you eat. I emphasize on dieting a lot because it is also great for your long term health goals. Eating junk on a regular basis will only show junk results. I mentioned before that waist training will force you to change your eating habits, but you still need to be conscious on what you consume on a regular basis. Once again you are what you eat.


Some ladies may have great metabolism and can burn curbs like it’s nothing. Other ladies believe that they cannot do anything to change their body as its in their genes. I am a good example of this because I took after my father’s body shape. I naturally have wide shoulders and a huge back that makes me look like a body builder. Needless to say I did not let my weakness determine the accomplishment of my goals. With that being said, excuses and comparisons will not take you anywhere. It is true that some people are blessed with great genetics, but that does not mean that you cannot accomplish what they can accomplish. Anyways, here is the genetics section broken down in even more detail.

Body Fat

The way your fat is distributed plays a major part as well. Whether you have visceral fat (which sits under your abdominal muscle and in between your organs) or subcutaneous fat (which sits under the skin right above the muscle) in certain areas of your body may affect how long it will take to get results. If you have more subcutaneous fat, you will get results way quicker compared to a lady with visceral body fat.

Muscle Tone

Muscle is more dense than fat. Which means it will take a longer time for waist training to work if you have a large muscle mass around your abdominal area. However if you do certain waist training exercises while waist training, this can help change the morphology of your muscles and mold the muscles into an hourglass figure. This also helps stretch the tendons and ligaments. Ladies who are already fit and workout a lot face this issue.

Age and bone/ skeleton structure

Older ladies have bones that are less dense and less malleable. Younger ladies however have more malleable bones since they are still growing. This however does not play a major part in your waist training results because a latex waist trainer is not strong enough to affect the bones. This only plays a part if your skeleton structure is extruding too much. Meaning if you happen to have a rib cage that is extruding or is longer than normal. This is very rare as most ladies have a normal skeleton structure. So no worries.

Your Water Retention

How your body retains water also plays a part in your waist training results. Water weight is super easy to lose and to mold. Due to the science of thermogenics. A waist trainer automatically loses that water weight through encouraging perspiration. So if you are usually bloated and have a large amount of water weight. You will be losing that quicker than you can even imagine. Especially if you combine waist training with a great workout routine.

If you have been pregnant before and how many times you have been pregnant before.

Many ladies automatically believe that since they were pregnant before, losing that belly fat is almost impossible.The truth of the matter is, its actually easier for a lady who has been pregnant before to lose weight through waist training. This is due to the fact that most of the weight gained after pregnancy was to sustain the little infant in your womb. Now that you do not pregnant anymore, that extra weight is basically useless to some extent. It plays no major role in your body, and it can be easily lost. Also, having a baby stretches your tendons and ligaments. Having a baby makes your muscles and other tissues very elastic. This is also because the baby needs to push out certain parts of the bodies while he/she is moving around. With that being said, this makes waist training easier because the tissue is softer and easy to mold.

 So does waist training really work post pregnancy? I hope I answered that question. I wanted to go into as much detail as possible so as to show you that regardless of the situation, the results depend on you. Your genetics do affect the time it may take to show results but it is not that major of a determinant. You are the biggest determinant. I have personally seen many ladies of many shapes and sizes lose tremendous weight through waist training. The perfect hourglass figure is as attainable as anything else in this world. You should not let a certain genetic structure or a certain genetic ‘curse’ be a determinant of your long term results. You are what determines if you will get waist trainer results. All in all, I hope this enlightens you to some extent regarding the results of waist training. You need to give it a shot to see if it will work. And when you give it a shot, make sure its one that counts. Complement it with a great lifestyle and commitment and you will not believe your eyes. Remember that waist training works best if it complements your fitness activities. I cannot tell you exactly how long it will take to gain results, but if you put in work it should be quicker than you expect.